The Allure of East Kochi

About the Area

Here in East Kochi, there are a total of nine cities, towns, and villages. To the south is the Pacific Ocean, to the north the Shikoku mountain range, surrounded by abundant nature and warm throughout the year.
During the various moments of everyday life, beautiful scenery and the bounties of nature are felt near oneself. This particular blend of nature lives and breathes the “Tosa” culture it supports.
The influence of living with nature, and the knowledge that comes from it. The ocean, mountains, and rivers that provide for our food’s culture. The traces of history that can be felt through the townscapes, and finally the warm hearts of the people that live here. Put it all together to create the harmony and allure of East Kochi.

Natural is luxurious, “as it is” is extraordinary.

As time flows like a gentle river in East Kochi,
Come and find the perfect place for you to spend it.

Vast and Dense.The Ocean, Mountains,and Rivers of East Kochi

Starting from the Muroto Unesco Global Geopark, a dynamic range of
natural beauty spreads across eastern Kochi.
Under the wide open sky, a beautiful green mountain range,
and from them many clear flowing rivers that continue to shine a brilliant blue towards the open ocean.

The overwhelming power of nature has lived here since ancient times,
and can be felt with all senses.
That is East Kochi.

From the Muroto Geopark Skyline Platform a superb view of the mountain ranges, coastline, and ocean horizon that make up the Muroto cape can be seen. From the top of the cape, seasonal flowers bloom with the flow of the seasons.

From the large expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the sun rises in the morning and sinks in the evening. Even during times of ease, the overwhelming energy of the sun can be felt on oneself. From ancient times the transitions of nature have repeated, and even now it is unchanged as it enriches the hearts of people.

Prominent Remains.East Kochi’s History and Culture.

The driving force of Nakaoka Shintaro who teamed up with Sakamoto Ryoma during the Meiji Restoration,
and Iwasaki Yataro, founder of Mitsubishi are some of the many great minds that have hailed from East Kochi.
In addition to the many great people that have lived here, from Aki city’s Doi district,
Nahari Town, and Muroto City’s Kiragawa neighborhood,
there are many alluring historical townscapes represented throughout East Kochi.
An abundance of traditional customs are also rooted here such as the Jinsai (god festival) and the Henro Shikoku Pilgrimage,
which was founded by The Grand Buddhist Master Kūkai’s footsteps.
There are many historic and cultural locations located throughout East Kochi.

The culture of the Henro pilgrims spreads to the lives of the people, and has nurtured a sense of hospitality. From the various ports of natural beauty, and the many scenes that can be viewed along with the Jinsai, one feels the beauty of Japan’s bygone days.

From the many townscapes, historical buildings, forest railway remains, and former mansions located here, it’s not just a collection of historic remains, but a part of the knowledge, culture, industry, and lifestyle that is deeply ingrained in the land. Keeping this in mind is key to the finest journey imaginable.

A Treasure Trove of Food.East Kochi’s Delicious Cuisine.

Nurtured by the warm climate and teeming with abundant nature,
truly all of eastern Kochi’s cuisine is worth sharing.

From the earth, vegetables such as eggplant and peppers,
along with world renowned citrus fruits such as yuzu and ponkan are exemplary.
Our “Tosa Jiro” free range local chickens are also very delicious.

From the ocean, nurtured by the Kuroshio current,
splendid alfonso, chirimenjako (dried young sardines), and katsuo (skipjack tuna) flow.
From the rivers, the seldom seen wild Ayu can be found.

There are many more delicious foods overflowing in this land.
From season to season, a variety of regional dishes can be experienced.

East Kochi is proud to be the number one yuzu producer in Japan. During harvest season the smell of yuzu fills the air. Yuzu is essential to East Kochi’s cuisine. The kinme don (splendid alfonso rice bowl) is a superb local food, and as one of the leading fishing regions in Japan, kinme don is a unique Muroto specialty.

In the clear streams, you can relish the flavor of wild Ayu. As well as our chirimenjako (dried sardine young) put atop a kamaage (metal rice bowl), and our homemade inaka zushi (countryside sushi) which has a fragrance of yuzu and particularly beautiful appearance.

Experience the BlessedLand of East Kochi

In East Kochi there are various programs in place to experience the nature, culture,
and history that makes this land filled to the brim with charm.

From the mountains and ocean, the ever flowing nature beats to the heart of time,
regional specialties of food and tradition allows one to connect with the past, immerse oneself into the beautiful townscapes,
and remember the good old days.
Truly, only in East Kochi can one spend such an extravagant time.

Just take one step out into the fields, and you will already be surrounded by an extraordinary, mysterious nature. Come and experience our ceramics, bento making, cultural experiences, and of course our historic guided tours.

Under the wide open sky, the beautiful ocean and the marine activities it offers are enjoyed by many. Whether you are an adult or child, making contact with the dolphins is always a hit.