Directions to JR Kochi Station and Kochi Ryoma Airport

From each city

From Tokyo

From TokyoFrom Tokyo

From Nagoya

From NagoyaFrom Nagoya

From Kyoto

From KyotoFrom Kyoto

From Osaka

From OsakaFrom Osaka

From Kobe

From KobeFrom Kobe

From Fukuoka

From FukuokaFrom Fukuoka

From Shikoku

From Takamatsu Airport

From Takamatsu AirportFrom Takamatsu Airport

From Matsuyama Airport

From Matsuyama AirportFrom Matsuyama Airport

From Tokushima Airport

From Tokushima AirportFrom Tokushima Airport

Directions to Higashi-Kochi areas from JR Kochi Station and Kochi Ryoma Airport

By public transportations

By car or rental car